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RebelNet started life as a bunch of trial and error, learn on the go, scruffy and insecure Windows based UnrealIRCd. There has had many name changes over the years for RebelNet mostly during the Learn on the go stage.

Sometime in 2006/7, SCM from New Zealand and MJP from Missouri whom had met through their interest in IRC, started discussing the idea of linking their two servers. After a name change or 3 and many many re-installs RebelNet was born.

From birth RebelNet has always been based around its IRC network server but has since grown into many areas including images, games and internet radio and more. In the early days all of our servers and software were Windows based but around early 2007 in the quest for a more secure network MJP decided to start experimenting with Linux based servers. Not long after SCM was also using Linux on his servers. These days the only Windows based computers at RebelNet are our personal PC's and laptops.

We encourage you to come join us in chat, join to our forums or games, be it to offer a service, to help or just to be a part of our growing community. Don't forget to bring your inner rebel ;)

Some basic things to remember while you explore our network, The RebelNet IRC network is a network with limited restrictions for the users. Of course we still do have to set some general rules. The basic ground rule would be: "Use your common sense on what is and what is not permitted." Some slang and bad language is not always a reason to ban someone. Of course excessive use of bad language could be. We do not have a minimum age for our chat servers and as soon as you can read and write you are welcome. It is not easy to do age verification on a chat server. If a room is not meant for people under or over a certain age, the topic of the room should state so. Our operators make the rules when they are moderating a room. Directions of any RebelNet staff member should be followed. One might not mind the use of bad language an other might. Take any warning serious if from a RebelNet staff member.

We do believe that in general people do know what is acceptable and what is not. Repeating, spamming, use of just caps, use of annoying tags, auto responders and so on, can all be enough reason for a ban. Private room are not all clear from rules. Complaints about private rooms will also be taken serious and action can and will be taken against rooms, their owners, staff and regulars, that allow or support unacceptable behavior.

If you are not sure about whether what you want to do with your room is acceptable or not, ask a RebelNet staff member.

We do not want to take away the fun of chatting by implementing so many rules that even those who will have to enforce them, get confused. Use your common sense to determine what is and what is not acceptable. Does not mean we have no rules. Rules are enforced depending on situation and involved users. Some general and global rules would be:

* No Racism
* No Discrimination
* No Nazism
* No Harassment
* No explicit sexual content
* No Soliciting in any way
* No Spamming

Some general rules could have exceptions in dedicated chat rooms, the three "ism" on top however have no exception. OK, discrimination is no "ism" but read it as such anyway. "Discrimination-ism".