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StatServ Commands

/msg statsserv help

-StatServ- StatServ commands:
-StatServ- STATUS Show status of network
-StatServ- LOGIN Makes you a Stats Administrator.
-StatServ- LOGOUT Logout from your admin account.
-StatServ- Commands available to Stats Admins only:
-StatServ- ADMIN Manage Stats Admins
-StatServ- CHANSTATS Manage Monitored Channels for Stats
-StatServ- ENVINFO Show environment information
-StatServ- EXCLUDE Exclude users from chanstats
-StatServ- EXPORT Export data to XML
-StatServ- HTML Forces to create the HTML file
-StatServ- MODLOAD Load a module
-StatServ- MODUNLOAD Un-Load a module
-StatServ- MODLIST List loaded modules
-StatServ- MODINFO Info about a loaded module
-StatServ- RESTART Causes Denora to restart.
-StatServ- RELOAD Causes Denora to reload the configuration file
-StatServ- SET Set various run time options.
-StatServ- SHUTDOWN Terminate the Stats program with save

/msg statsserv help set

-StatServ- Syntax: SET OPTION [ON|OFF]
-StatServ- Set various run time options.
-StatServ- Possible options are:
-StatServ- HTML [ON|OFF]
-StatServ- SQL [ON|OFF]
-StatServ- DEBUG [ON|OFF|1|2]
-StatServ- Limited to Stats Admins.