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RebelNet History

RebelNet started life as a bunch of trial and error, learn on the go, scruffy and insecure Windows based UnrealIRCd. There has had many name changes over the years for RebelNet mostly during the Learn on the go stage.

Sometime in 2006/7, SCM from New Zealand and MJP from Missouri whom had met through their interest in IRC, started discussing the idea of linking their two servers. After a name change or 3 and many many re-installs RebelNet was born..

From birth RebelNet has always been based around its IRC network server but has since grown into many areas including images, games and internet radio and more. In the early days all of our servers and software were Windows based but around early 2007 in the quest for a more secure network MJP decided to start experimenting with Linux based servers. Not long after SCM was also using Linux on his servers. These days the only Windows based computers at RebelNet are our personal PC's and laptops.