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RebelNet URL's

Below you will find a list of RebelNet IRC URL's.
We recommend you chose the link closest to your location as this will give the best network performance.

RebelNet Global RR URL's

Global RR: | IPv4/IPv6

RebelNet Regional RR URL's

American RR: | IPv4/IPv6
European RR: | IPv4/IPv6 (soon)
British RR: | IPv4/IPv6 (soon)
New Zealand RR: | IPv4/IPv6

RebelNet Locale URL's

RebelNet Local American URL's
Arizona: | IPv4/IPv6
Florida: | IPv4
New York: | IPv4
WestVirginia: | IPv4/IPv6

Missouri: | IPv6 *
New Jersey: | IPv4 *
North Carolina: | IPv6 *
Texas: | IPv4 *

RebelNet Local British URL's
London: | IPv4/IPv6 *

RebelNet Local New Zealand URL's
Otago: | IPv4/IPv6